Make Your Vote Count

Jim2Come Election Day you might be tempted to just vote for your choice for President and, in the interest of expedience, bypass the rest of the ballot.

That would be a mistake.

Why? Because it’s your locally elected representatives that make the decisions that shape your community. The ones who stop crime in your neighborhood. The ones who stop people from stealing your identity or from shooting up a local night spot.

It’s people like Jim Davis, running for reelection on Sunnyvale’s City Council, that you want representing your interests. Jim’s proven that he’s the candidate for the people. He’s got the sound morals, the values and the ethics necessary to provide for and protect Sunnyvale’s most prized commodity, the people that live, work and raise their families here. Your vote will make it happen.

Thank you.

Paid for by the Committee to Reelect Jim Davis

FPPC# 1339337