He’s Not Done Yet – Jim Davis Means Business


1 pictureWhen Jim took the Oath of Office, five years ago, office space carried a 60% vacancy factor; now, it’s less than 3%. The unemployment rate was over 7%; now, it’s less than 2.5%. It’s largely through Jim’s advocacy that these problems have almost been eradicated.

Some 5 years later, the Community is confronted with public safety issues, traffic congestion and a lack of affordable housing. Jim accepts these challenges and intends to resolve them, should Sunnyvale residents support his reelection efforts.

If reelected, the safety, security and well-being of the Community shall continue to be Jim’s top priority.

Check his record; you’ll find he has consistently supported Sunnyvale residents. With due diligence, he shall do all in his power to insure such issues as the Raynor Park debacle will not reoccur.

Come November, a vote for Jim Davis will allow him to continue serving the citizens of Sunnyvale. He’s not done yet.

Take a few minutes to review the video below of Councilman Jim Davis as he speaks out on Raynor Park.